Respite Programs

People with dementia seek opportunities to learn, create, socialize, and volunteer. Along with their care partners, they need companionship, interaction with others, laughter, and fun. Socialization can improve cognitive function and help prevent caregiver burnout.
Dementia Friendly Dallas also supports the development of respite programs which offer significant benefits for both the person with dementia and their care partner. The person with dementia may enjoy socialization and planned activities while their caregiver appreciates time to rest, run errands, or see friends.

Adult Day Respite Programs

Adult Day programs offer respite for care partners and provides community, nutrition, physical activity, and variety in the day for the person with dementia. Programs can be daily, which is a great assistance to caregivers who are employed, or they can be weekly/bi-weekly. Both can result in a more positive impact on the person with dementia and their relationship with their caregiver. The programs below vary in service, frequency, hours, and cost.

Programs in the Dallas Area

If your faith community is interested in offering a respite program for individuals with dementia, contact