Dementia Friendly Faith Communities

Through the years, faith communities have become aware of the growing number of persons living with and/or diagnosed with a dementia-related disease. Dementia symptoms can affect thinking, communication, and memory, and each person’s experience of dementia will be slightly different. Persons caring for them, often spouses or partners, come to the faith community, not only for their weekly connection, but for support.
Loneliness is a big concern within our society. This is often exacerbated for people living with dementia and their care-partners. Faith communities have a significant role to play in ensuring people living with dementia can continue to thrive and actively be part of their communities for as long as possible. We can respond to a loneliness epidemic with a sense of belonging.
By becoming a Dementia Friendly Faith Community, you can help and support your members and guests to continue living their faith. By becoming more aware of dementia, your faith community can help to reduce stigma and encourage persons to access support services or even receive a diagnosis. By creating spaces and places of inclusion from our facilities to our worship services themselves, our faith communities can be places of refuge and encouragement.

Help the members of your faith community live, age, and thrive.

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